Our clients write that our services have helped them with alleviating mold and cold air drafts from under their home, lowering utility bills, removing musty odors, and warming their homes.

I would like to say that in my 34 years in the Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning business, I have never seen a crawl space system that really worked properly. That is until I saw the one designed and implemented by Billy Tesh and CrawlSpace Care. I built my house in Summerfield in 2001, and I immediately noticed that I had a moisture-condensate problem in my crawl space. I tried everything I could think of to solve the problem: I jack hammered my back patio up and enlarged my vents. I even went to the trouble to install power vents in my vent windows to move the air. I still had a condensation problem, and then matters got worse, I discovered signs of termites, which only made sense, because where there is water there is bugs. Anyway, I heard about CrawlSpace Care, and I have know Billy Tesh for 30 plus years. I actually started Johns Plumbing about the same time he started PMi. Anyway, I got a chance to look at the system during a trade show I was attending, and I got Billy Tesh to come out, look at my problems, and he said "no problem, I have the solution". He said "your problems are over, and not only will I solve your problems, but I will save you money via your energy bills by installing this system".

Since Billy installed his system in my crawl space I now have no condensation, no mold, and no bugs, and lower heating and cooling costs.

I highly recommend Billy Tesh and CrawlSpace Care.

Greg Johns,
President of Johns Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning
Installation performed by CrawlSpace Care Dealer - Pest Management Systems

CrawlSpace Care provides excellent service, ensuring each job is completed accurately and efficiently. Our homeowners love the energy-efficiency of the closed crawl space, our HVAC installers like knowing that their equipment last longer due to operating in a controlled environment, and we can rest knowing the risks of moisture problems in the crawlspace and humidity-related annoyances such as squeaky hardwood floors are virtually eliminated by the greatly reduced humidity of the crawlspace. CrawlSpace Care is a win-win-win system.

Thanks for working for us and the opportunity to put in a word for you.

Robbie Goins, MBA
Community Construction Manager
K. Hovnanian­® Homes™
Greensboro, North Carolina Division
Installation performed by CrawlSpace Care Dealer - Pest Management Systems